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Here's my aspect: @Fenris 🌻
I hope I'll be more active over there, but my account here isn't dead. I plan on using it more for code or furry things, or at least as a backup account if anything goes wrong.

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@codl if MS-DOS was so good why isn't there an MS-TRES

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[PDF] NordVPN, ProtonVPN and HolaVPN's Connections to Data-Mining Giant, Tesonet - an Organizational Chart with Links

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So apprently, encrypting your emails is a premium-only feature on Outlook, as if Microsoft wasn't enough of a shit already

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I wrote a quick guide/introduction on how to free your #android phone with the help of custom ROMs and @fdroidorg :

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Hello world!This is the official project account of #PixelFork ,an #PixelFed fork made by @nipos with more focus on free and open software.We'll mainly take things from the official source but improve it.The biggest differences will be the availability of a federated timeline and that analytics/insights shit will be removed.The repository is on on NotABug,an open code platform.The project starts when federation comes to PixelFed.

I'm not an experienced dev or anything, but I feel like there's such a rift between the UX and the dev experience. Like fancy and/or useful things are the ones that put a dev through hell. I don't know for sur why that is though

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Shouting into the void (please boost): Looking for an old-ass copy of Ghostscript, at least version 1.3 (which has DOS binaries, because screw actually building this), up to 2.1.1.

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Any recommendations for a desktop music player (linux) that can be backended by WEBDAV?

I've been farting around trying to get rhythmbox to play jams from my nextcloud server and its just not going well for me.

So on to more recommendations :)

Please boost for visibility

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Something went wrong with #occultcamp backups apparently. I still very much want to be part of that instance but didn't receive my validation email and don't know how to contact the admin

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I have found a website that sells 'pride kilts' and I have to say these are fantastic.

They are quite expensive, but here is a link:

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After hearing about Mastodon, all I wanted to do is create an instance that only runs on #solar. Any suggestions for #solarpanels that could run a #raspberrypi full time?

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When I was younger, I was very excited about the idea of going from being an hourly employee to being a salaried employee. Getting a salary instead of wages meant you were Getting Up There!


Getting a salary instead of wages means you get a constant amount no matter how many hours you put in, so your corporate overlords can feel comfortable asking you to overwork yourself for no additional compensation.

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They met in 22, and started touring together.

They were married in 26.

They did their first short film in 29.

Their radio show started in 34.

The TV show debuted in 1950. (october 12 1950, with an episode called Kleebob card game, which can be seen here: )

68 years since they debuted.

~10 years of vaudville, ~20 years on the radio, and another ~9 on TV as a couple.

What a career.

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