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do good therapists even exist or are they all awkward, condescending, &/or less clairvoyant than they seem to think they are...?

every time I go thru the process of going to a new one it's like going thru a whole magic trick routine only for the magician to reveal the wrong card

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Str8 people really be out there pretending that marriage is some holy union and should be protected at all cost from the "corruption" of gay people, and then a second later they all turn to joke about how horrible marriage is & that it's like prison 😢

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Kids today eh?

Protesting climate change.
Sneaking out.....to get vaccinated.
Being LGBTQ inclusive.
Young girls standing strong against sexism.
Young boys learning to be better than "toxic".

Meanwhile, conservative, right wing "parents" r losing their damn minds everywhere.

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@Logo_Daedalus@twitter.com also, I'm totally unsurprised that the communist misunderstands Plato

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what is it with people with last names starting with pf and fucking over sick people smh

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Pod Save America host and former Obama Admin flack Dan Pfeiffer was a VP of GoFundMe until 2017, and continues to have significant financial interest in the company, which gets a third of its revenue from medical funding campaigns. twitter.com/BernieCare4All/sta

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this morning i remembered when alain de botton said he couldn't do the dishes cause he was thinkin too hard

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i have

*some thoughts*

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Is Giving Rapists Their Jobs Back Why Teens Can't Learn Better Manners?

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can't tell if this feeling in my chest is because of my tits growing or my intense love for my girlfriend hnng

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Who do you believe is behind the core narratives of mainstream propaganda that push war and suffering around the world?

Please have your say and retweet.

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i actually managed to make someone feel better emotionally

when did i acquire the ability to do this



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all I know is wall pisses off a lot of sysadmins

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