Nothing's better than when an old psychic wound gets opened up by some bullshit but you have to go around pretending to be Normal in the meantime while you sort your shit out

it's spring, and a new class of fresh-faced developers is on the cusp of starting the next chapter in their lives. My industry advice to the class of 2023 is this: you have to bring down production on your first day or everyone will think you're a bitch

Boy, this has aged poorly as one of the ultimate rewards for the game

Shout outs to the dude at the DMV who was just opening his pants and taking a dick pic beside some guy's motorcycle while he waited

2AM thoughts: Coldplay is just Dave Matthews Band without the sewage incident or insanely creepy sex angle.

I like Coldplay. This may be why this judgement.

Loggin' onto Steam and unfollowing everyone who shows a preorder on the HogLeg game

Not because of the queer issues, whatever, but because I cannot trust anyone preordering a game from a studio with no track record in 2023, you can't be trusted with your money or my time

For years I've been wondering whether the burritos I grew to love in the Mission were like... Actually better, or if it was just a trick of memory. It turns out no, there's a lot going on in those burritos!

Out of respect for the touhou library survivors, the names have been changed.

Out of respect for the touhou library dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.

Our ancestors never imagined having this many tabs open at once.

Nothing is more of a bipolar Friday moment than "video call out of nowhere" into "hey you don't work with me often but I just did 90% of the tasks on your plate for you well see ya". And I still get paid for this!

The most dangerous phrase I've begun telling myself at this job is "I get paid for this", full stop

There's this very cold war status between the other contract hire and I at this job, because a) we've both had to fight over invoices and have been working together to get our damn money, we're on the same project, but b) in the event there IS a full-hire position at the end of this it's not gonna be both of us, and I suspect both of us are looking at this like "how do I get mine"

I may be reading too much into B but there's a real "how honest to respond" vibe to some messages I get.

Surreal moment of the day: discovering someone I lost touch with ages ago who I had presumed dead was not as of October... because they'd written a critical Steam review of the product I was buying myself in the sale.

I guess I'm glad they're around even if we have absolute polar opposite tastes now.

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