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Mew.. I need more friends here so I can escape the cursed birdsite

My new favourite coworker is Russian.

She even says she's proud to be Russian.

But she says she's really angry at Putin

Yep, we get on well.

France recently made it illegal for businesses to keep their doors open while they have an air conditioner running.

Should be illegal everywhere as far as I'm concerned.

hello! i'm Ace. No other name (yet). I'm a I'm I'm also . I'm a freelance editor (commissions open). My fursona is a tiger. I'll have an avatar as soon as i can afford one XD and @catdraiochta is one of my most trusted friends in the world.

Oh yeah so I'm nonbinary, coming out as such as weird. Pretending to be a binary trans woman was okayish, I'm just tired of hiding things

Great job opportunity: Walk Into The Sea Today. Come and work with me! Looking for someone to calmly take sure, unbroken strides into the briny depths and not flinch as they are swallowed, never to return. DM with any questions

The company 'Google' was meant to be named 'Googol', but when registering the domain name in 1997, Larry Page didn't know how to spell 'googol' properly.

But before deciding the name 'Google' ( Googol ), Page originally named the search engine 'BackRub':

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Did you know?

A googol is a 1 with 100 zeroes after it, or 10^100

A googolplex is a 1 with a googol zeroes after it, also written as 10^10^100 or 10^googol

You could not write a googolplex on paper without scientific notation because there are not enough atoms in the universe.

"We are probably nearing the limit of all we can know about astronomy."

Simon Newcrombe

Space is big

Space is dark

It's hard to find

A place to park

Burma Shave

I'm a catdragon I'm a catdragon

And I thought you should know

But when I tell you "I'm a catdragon!", your mind just might blow

Hey everybody. I'm writing up an article about the current Musk-Twitter-Fediverse situation for the #JoinFediverseWiki.

I got some information from here but I want to include a lot more about the Fediverse.

What instances had trouble? Which new instances arose? Which famous people joined the Fedi? What else should I include?

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