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Mew.. I need more friends here so I can escape the cursed birdsite

Brexit is annoying. It's divided the EU market from the UK market in online shops, and just made everything more expensive for all of us.

Does anyone here know of good ressources (online, books, whatever; preferably written or told in English, German, or any Scandinavian language) on raising a bilingual child? Feel free to boost!

Installed Debian on my old phone and remoting into it from my computer because I can:

Playing with UserLand / Ubuntu on Android because I'm thinking of using my old phone to set up my own Mastodon instance

Is dragan cat mé ón todhchaí i bhfad i gcéin i bpláinéad áit éigin i dtreo chroílár an réaltrach

I'm not US-American. Not anymore.

I want to leave that behind me.

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It's a hard time of the year not to have a family.

I hate this empty house.

Its silence is deafening.

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