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Mew.. I need more friends here so I can escape the cursed birdsite

I can''t tell you just how excited I am to be getting my first COVID shot tomorrow!!!!!

#fedivision has begun! Find new and exciting #music from all over the fediverse, enjoy the diverse entries, pick your favorite!
You can find all contestants over at @fedivision where you can also cast your vote! You can do so until 12 noon UTC on Sunday, 30th of May. #FSC

Just sitting in the middle of the city and watching all the people go by.

Brexit is annoying. It's divided the EU market from the UK market in online shops, and just made everything more expensive for all of us.

Does anyone here know of good ressources (online, books, whatever; preferably written or told in English, German, or any Scandinavian language) on raising a bilingual child? Feel free to boost!

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