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Ok so I'm trying a new instance (formerly @derpafett )

Never did do an post so I guess this would be a good time.

I'm a British Woman (pronouns She/Her) with , , Anxiety and Depression.


Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

sometimes, self care is Not β€œtreating yourself”

sometimes self care means saving your money or energy or time

don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you have to buy things to feel better / that it’s the only way to care for yourself

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it's time for my favourite game, Windows or Capitalism, where we try to guess whether a statement applies to windows or capitalism

- it's obnoxiously expensive for no reason
- corporate monopolies allow the big companies to stamp out alternatives and present themselves as the only option, driving up prices to ridiculous levels
- you are constantly pressured to spend money. in fact, if you don't have money, you can't participate at all
- advertisements are a fundamental element of the system
- most people who have souls despise it, but remain complacent because "what are the alternatives? this is the way things are"
- the mere mention of the names of alternatives disgusts many people
- the people in charge don't give a shit about you

trick question!! all of these statements apply to windows AND capitalism!!!!!

Dear every program ever:

If you are going to use a fixed color for the background of the window, please also use a fixed color for the text, and not the system color.

You are very much liable to make your program unreadable for some people, until they go out of their way to change their theme.

And that is crap.

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This image has single-handedly made me like video games less.

the mood of the week is Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast

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Although I barely used it, I am genuinely a little sad about the Shop Channel being taken offline. It always makes me a little sad to hear about once widely used online games and services that people loved being shut down forever. I love seeing efforts to preserve or resurrect these things and I hope that happens in some form or another with the Wii Shop Channel.

This goes out to all my former teachers who told me: "you won't have a calculator with you all the time". funny how that went, huh?

the wii shop channel will be gone tomorrow, RIP

Ok so I'm trying a new instance (formerly @derpafett )

Never did do an post so I guess this would be a good time.

I'm a British Woman (pronouns She/Her) with , , Anxiety and Depression.


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