@eightbitsamurai I kept thinking he'd give me alcohol trivia the entire time I played NieR

surprisingly no one is saying bad things about Chihiro and a few people are referencing Danganronpa Abridged

bless this stream chat

ProJared is streaming Danganronpa and I am going to fall down this pit again aren't I

both of the openings for Psycho-Pass fucking rule btw

one of these days I should rewatch Psycho-Pass

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Hello, and welcome to the debate. Tonight, we'll be asking an important question: who on the fediverse is the cutest? Folks, I have the answer: it's all of you. Thank you for coming, feel free to grab a complimentary lollipop on the way out

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part of me is pretty glad that I'm not into mainstream TV/movies much because there's some near-shouting going on in the office about Game of Thrones

@eightbitsamurai all of the Wakanda Starbucks are actually over here in Portland, because there's one literally every couple blocks in any direction

I am not joking about this

I really need to finish Digital Devil Saga at some point

I really like Persona/Megaten music okay

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Mementos nitpicking Show more

Mementos nitpicking Show more

if we can get Travis Touchdown, that'll be all my favorite things in Smash basically

even though I played a lot of Joker and a lot of the Mementos stage last night, I'm still floored by Persona stuff being in Smash

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