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* chess
* general programming (understanding basics, algorithms, data structures etc)
* C
* Haskell
* Python
* gamedev (procedural generation, ai, gameplay balancing)
* nonbinary stuff, nb/trans inclusiveness
* languages (learning, linguistics, native polish speaker)
* accessibility (nonnative, colourblind, neurodivergent ppl)
* general linux/network/sysadmin stuff
* being a sounding board for ideas
* being a pointy-eared fren
* other stuff you might have seen me do or talk about

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2. Nf3

Last time I played a proper game was at least a year ago so I'm rusty. I never played in tournaments or anything, only against friends really. I know little about openings. So even though I'll probably lose... here goes!

@ster 2...Nc6

i haven't played properly for more than a year too

i occasionally play on lichess nowadays (lichess.org/@/kiilas if you want to follow me)

there is also a Mastodon team over there that's sadly inactive

3. Bc4

I used to play on lichess and I love that it's open source too, but I don't have an account and I wasn't very highly rated πŸ˜…

@ster 3...Bc5

ratings are overrated :P

do you play anywhere else?

4. O-O

That's kingside castle isn't it?

I played at school, does that count?

@ster 4...Nf6

yes it is :)

i meant do you play anywhere online? i don't know much about sites other than lichess

5. d3

No, not really. I guess at one point I probably played on chess.com, but I don't like it now.

Plus I love that lichess is open source

@ster 5...d6

okay, i used to play on ICC for a while (i liked their auto-pairing pools)

other than that, there aren't any significant features i'm missing on lichess

6. a3

I'm being random now. Never played this before.

You sound a lot more experienced than me. Forgive me if I blunder and ruin the game, I have a habit of that 😫

@ster 6...Bg4

i'll make a random developing move because i heard developing pieces is good

@ster 7...O-O

me neither but i heard castling is usually a good idea

@kiilas 8. b4

I think I'm looking worse here. I'll be interested to analyse this position after the game because I had a couple options and this was the least bad seeming from my point of view. 😬

@ster 8...Bb6

sure, we can look afterwards

to be honest, i don't have much clue how to play these structures

@kiilas 9. h3

I don't know how to play structures. I just make it up as I go along

@ster 9...Be6

i mean like, e4+d3 v e5+d6 pawns are fairly common, but i've never been confident that i know what i'm doing

@kiilas 10. Bxe6

It's around move 8-12 that I always get unsure and run into trouble when I play online.

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