Messed up how "sitting" can refer to either moving from a standing to a sitting position or continuing to sit on an ongoing basis

@matt if english wasn't in denial about its germanic roots it would use "to set oneself" and "to sit" respectively

@kiilas Ooh, elegant. I like that. "Allow me to set myself down for a moment and compose myself."

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@matt germanic languages have pairs stand/stand, sit/set, lay/lie (cf stehen/stellen, sitzen/setzen, liegen/legen) where the latter is transitive/causative ie to sit is to set oneself, to lay is to lie oneself

they also often describe objects as standing/sitting/laying somewhere (instead of just *being* somewhere), based on whether they're vertical, flat etc which english also forgot

english retains "to set" which etymologically means "to make something sit [the way you want]"

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