@BurungHantu hello

does your instance block instances that promote or enable bigotry, discrimination, and harassment?

@kiilas Please read our rules. We'll block anything that we encounter. Most of the instances of your block list are down already. Not sure if that really helps the cause. Good try though.

@BurungHantu i read your rules and i found no mention of blocking shitty instances, hence the question

i like confirming such things before adding instances to a list that advertises itself as safe for vulnerable minorities

not sure what the final 2 sentences are about, but if you're being antagonistic because i asked you about your policy, know that you're the first admin ever in the history of this list to do so

@kiilas I was not being antagonistic. We will block shitty instances when we encounter them. I was talking the blocklist on GitHub. Too many are down already, so we wont use the list for now.

@BurungHantu alright then

you don't have to use any particular list. the one you're referring to (which isn't mine btw) isn't actively maintained, although it's been used (directly or indirectly) by several large instances so it was cited as an example, but of course it's not exhaustive

many shitty instances don't last long because it's boring to keep getting defederated by everyone except other shitty instances, i suppose

are there any tags and description you would like for your instance?

@kiilas Thanks, Arch. I understand the issues with these lists. We'll just keep our eyes open and block them when we spot them.

Tags: #privacy #encryption #opensource #vpn #decentralization #selfhosting #alternatives

Desc: Privacy orientied instance.

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@BurungHantu i was just made aware that you allow Cloudflare an account on your instance

in case you don't know, Cloudflare engages in business with and protects alt-right, neo-nazi and stalker forum websites

so i'm sorry but i won't add your instance to the list

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