name stuff, for future reference 

reminder that kiilas (lowercase) is my only real name, and it's my full name

anyone using a different name for me is a good sign that i wouldn't voluntarily engage with them or condone whatever they're doing

the above is of course not legally binding, but it's morally binding and i expect anyone who cares about me to respect that absolutely

(considering pinning it, in case of there possibly being doubts in the future in case of untimely demise or something)


for future reference, hypothetical death stuff 

speaking of, reminder that i hate christianity with a passion, and catholicism especially

i think anyone who wants to organise a catholic funeral for me, or would participate in one, deserves the worst

please boycott any memorial services that misname me, misgender me, or try to imply i subscribe to any human religion

i know it's not nice to talk about this, but if you have any questions about this please ask now while you can lol

for future reference, hypothetical death stuff 

@kiilas i don't know if "nice" is the most fitting word, but i very much appreciate that you talk about this, in the process raking care of yourself and those who care about you 💜

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