reminder that if you take my assigned gender even slightly into consideration, you're transphobic, and i don't particularly care how this accusation makes you feel

it's not a condemnation of you as a person, but it's up to you to educate yourself and work out your biases, so you stop unwittingly hurting people like me

trans isn't a gender, and unless the person says so, should not be seen as part of their gender identity

if you perceive a gender difference between a trans man and a cis man, or a trans woman and a cis woman, or an AMAB enby and an AFAB enby, you're transphobic

ideally people should just stop assigning and assuming genders altogether, and encourage self-determination

(good) trans spaces do that, and that's why they're so awesome

it empowers everyone, even cis people

of course once you actually encourage self-determination and make people feel safe in exploring their identity, you'll find the lines between cis and trans blur

to accept yourself as trans you have to internalise that gender essentialism is invalid, to accept yourself as nonbinary you have to internalise that the binary is invalid etc

us trans/enby/etc folx are out of necessity already at the next levels of gender dialectics, but imagine what will happen when the society at large catches up

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one of my favourite parts of trans spaces is seeing the diversity of people - "gender conforming" binary people, "nonconforming" binary people, and enbies of all flavours, all accepting each others' identities

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