i presume there's folks on the fediverse into chess?

if anyone ever fancies a game on chess.com feel free to get in touch!

@kiki_d if you play on lichess i'm kiilas there :3

@kiilas i use chess.com, haven't used lichess before but always open to try new things!

i'm just looking at it now - can you explain the different time controls?

@kiki_d i play on lichess because chess.com is kinda corporate and didn't do proper moderation when i played there (i would get DMs with slurs and stuff all the time)

time controls are minutes per game plus seconds per move, so 3+2 is 3 minutes per game plus 2 second increment per move

if you want other time controls (or untimed or correspondence) it's under "custom"

@kiilas crap, i didn't know that was going on (though i am not at all surprised ffs)

cool well i'll set up a profile on lichess and we can get a game going - will have to do it later though as i'm just about to run out the door, but will let you know when i'm good to go!

@kiilas right, i'm registered now as kiki_d - i usually play 14 days per turn as it gives space just in case my work schedule gets intense, so the game doesn't end up timing out, but i typically take at least a few moves per day during normal times

also happy to play casual or rated, depending on your preference

@kiki_d that's okay, feel free to poke me here if i haven't made a move for a day or so, i normally don't play correspondence so i may forget to log in >.>

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