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i don't know how to answer "Do you consider yourself to be spiritual?"

@kiilas do you hold any beliefs

like religious adjacent

@kiilas stuff like wicca and that

things that arent inherently tied to a religion but are still adjacent to it, or "spiritual"

@avie i'm still not sure what that means

there's such a diversity of things that people define as religious or spiritual

from outrageous claims about physical reality (like in biblical literalism) to panpsychism

@kiilas i think the fact that you arent sure what counts as such because its so wide maybe indicates you are not spiritual

i feel if you were then youd probably know maybe? idk its weird

@avie i feel like the most literal answer to that question would be "N/A" on the grounds that the question presupposes a concept that to me is ill-defined

but trying to understand the intent behind the question, i neither want to be lumped in with religious types nor atheist types...

@avie i feel like in the past i would have answered "yes", but over time the word meanings have become fuzzier and more arbitrary for me

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