hrt, anti pseudoscience/bioessentialism reminder 

Reminder that if you have functioning endocrine glands, you're already taking hormones.

There is no magical male essence or magical female essence that determines how our bodies do or "should" develop.

There is nothing magical or special about hormones being pumped into your body by ovaries, as opposed to those in a pill.

There is nothing magical or special about the randomly generated glands you have.

People should be able to own their bodies.

re: hrt, anti pseudoscience/bioessentialism reminder 

I wish I understood that long time ago. I wouldn't have been so scared of hrt and wouldn't have seen it as such a big deal.

Now I see it as one of the most trivial decisions everyone should be able to make about their bodies. I'm wary of everyone who thinks otherwise. And don't concern troll me about informed consent.

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