(a)gender feels 

me: nonbinary has no look, if you're nonbinary you already look nonbinary

also me: *looks in the mirror* aaaaa i look so ungendered 🤩

hrt, re: (a)gender feels 

hormones are fucking wild, i didn't think i'll ever look like this

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re: hrt, re: (a)gender feels 

i wish i had a less hypocritical framework for how i view my presentation in the context of being agender

like, i have my own aesthetic, that isn't stereotypically masculine or feminine

i also nope out of gender for multiple reasons

is there a connection between the above two things? who knows

re: hrt, re: (a)gender feels 

@kiilas I think I feel the same as you! I wear a bunch of clothes that can be masculine or feminine, and the overall aesthetic I have doesn't fit in one category or even unisex, it's just *my* look; and I'm also strongly considering labeling myself agender

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