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I really admire people who can listen to a chord and go "oh it's a b5m7b11#23b1337/38973sqrt(2)".

I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that.

autism, silly 

TIL a lifehack: mplayer has a "-loop 0" option

Like literally anything. I know you can do math on the semitones, but I can't make it translate to anything meaningful.

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ai, gender nonsense 

fuck, i missed this important research where they found out that the more you trim your eyebrows and the more eyeliner and lipstick you apply, the more feminine your face is

I like playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 despite being agender.

tired: croissant

wired: crescent

mired: waxer

hrt, transhumanist propaganda 

Editing your hormone levels is fine and not a big deal actually.

Also it doesn't need to have anything to do with your gender. Hormones don't have genders. They just make your body do things. Your body. And you're born with a randomly tweaked endocrine system. There's nothing special about random hormone levels that should stop you from overriding them.

it's cute how I can easily distinguish between mine and @dzuk 's headphones (which are the same model) because mine are in Finnish and zirs are in American

the first time i saw "idgaf" i thought it was a Doom cheat code

ben shapiro, botchat 

I think even @RumPartov could win a debate with Ben Shapiro.

uspol, snark 

is Trump the next president yet? betting market gives him 11% chance and rising

just bringing it up, because you know, some people explicitly welcome straight people at pride events but don't include enbies and aces and it kinda sucks

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for those that missed the memo, or those who need the reminder, aces and non-trans enbies are part of the LGBT community

re: nonbinary, trans, terminology 

Furthermore, if someone tells you they're nonbinary, how they had been originally assigned shouldn't concern you in the slightest, unless they're okay talking about it.

That includes you inferring that information from how they look. I know it's a high bar because of how deeply cispatriarchy permeates society, but try to aim there. It can be done.

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re: nonbinary, trans, terminology 

Of course if someone identifies as AxAB nonbinary, or are okay being referred to as such, that's cool.

But as a general rule, I think using those terms outside of the context of nonconsensual identity assignment, is problematic.

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nonbinary, trans, terminology 

Reminder that terms like AMAB and AFAB use the language of our oppressors, and refer to coercive identity assignment.

Some people are okay with them, but I personally find referring to assigned gender on par with deadnaming.

I think especially you shouldn't do that to nonbinary people, because it creates a distinction between "AMAB enbies" and "AFAB enbies", which conflates one's actual identity with what was nonconsensually, wrongly, and usually harmfully imposed.

re: pointless chess philosophy 

like, compared to 1.d4 and 1.e4 openings, 1.c4 seems to be more effective at forcing black into either immediately unbalancing the position, or accepting long-term structural and/or space disadvantage

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