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re: uk bank, misgendering 

Just to be clear, I have notified them of my personal data 11 months ago. I don't know how banks work, but that should have been enough time for everything to get updated no?

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uk bank, misgendering 

suppose I'll be making a complaint next time I'm in Brighton, and/or changing my bank. so tired of this shit.

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uk bank, misgendering 

I just got a new card (from NatWest) and it misgenders me.

I had explicitly requested having my "gender" to be set to nonbinary/other or removed. My "gender" had apparently been set without my knowledge or consent. I suspect it remains set, not only without my consent but against my clear wishes.

I had requested my title to be set to Mx, and I saw it done at the branch with mine own eyes.

Rüm Pärtöv makes much more sense about gender than most of Twitter

genders, botchat 

@RumPartov what are the colours for each gender?

re: chess 

But those are still metagame considerations. In a practical sense, 1.a3 is not my recommendation. It's not a mistake, but your opponents are more likely to crumble if you play 1.e4 or 1.d4 or 1.c4 or 1.Nf3.

But also to say it matters to any significant degree under master level, is disingenuous. I get that it's easy to oversimplify chess in a convincing way to amateur players. Follow these guidelines etc. But those should be helpful heuristics, not gospel.

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re: chess 

These considerations of course get more important the stronger you (and your opponents) get. That's why grandmasters don't (usually) play any random gibberish. You win games by setting your opponent problems they fail to solve. Which generally has to do with how flexible and mistake-proof your and your opponent's position is.

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re: chess 

1.a3 isn't a bad move. Certainly not because of some mythical "principles". It's probably suboptimal in the sense that it (relatively speaking) doesn't restrict opponent's flexibility with regards to correct plans. Likewise, you have fewer structures to choose from that challenge your opponent's setup. For example, after 1.a3 e5 you probably have to play 2.c4 to get a position where a3 is unambiguously useful.

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Chess books (courses, other materials) be like:

Don't play [move which violates "opening principles"]! After [example of consistently awful play made up just to prove the point] you're lost after only 15 moves. Which is why the [move which violates "opening principles"] is bad.

re: masto meta, reply guys, silly and serious simultaneously 

I normally start making preparations for galaxy brain facts and logic when I hit 20 boosts

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masto meta, reply guys, silly and serious simultaneously 

So I came up with a metric for measuring the quality of your Mastodon social experience.

Consider all posts you made which were responded to by a reply guy. Let N be the number of boosts a post received before the _first_ reply guy response.

The metric (let's call it Φ, for FOSS and because Greek letters look smart) is simply the median value of N of all applicable posts.

I estimate that for me Φ=64. But it used to be _much_ lower.


cat was cleaning itself and accidentally its ear inside out

pink text, synaesthesia 

ffff ff f ffff ffff, f ffff fff fffffff!

masto, blocking 

I wish there was a simple way to block someone for like, a year. I don't hold grudges and people often say fewer cringe things after a year.

I don't want recommendations for 3rd party software.

re: polyam-adjacent, relationships, negotiating 

(was talking about informed consent, polyamory etc in a private thread, but unlocked this post because it's more general)

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polyam-adjacent, relationships, negotiating 

These things should be a normal part of negotiating in a healthy relationship. Stop treating random-ass arbitrary mores as gospel and then blaming the divergent party.

Normalise talking about boundaries. Normalise encouraging boundaries, for fuck's sake. Your relationship isn't perfect. It won't be. You'll have conflicting needs. Figure out a protocol for dealing with them before something major occurs that destabilises both of you.

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re: chess, ai 

The policy head of that much smaller neural net plays much more like a typical club player, whereas the policy head of the big net plays like a half-asleep grandmaster.

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chess, ai 

Registered a new chess bot on lichess -

It also doesn't calculate anything, but it uses a much smaller neural net so should be more beatable.

Curious what the interest will be.

Reminder that chess has some interestingly named openings, such as Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, Hyper-accelerated Dragon, Frankenstein-Dracula Variation, Sodium (1. Na3) and Ammonia (1. Nh3) Attack. The latter two are gibberish but they're chemistry puns.

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