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hi!! my name is maple syrup and im a robot squirrel bunny girl who's the owner of and the official mascot of mastodon

i make music, software and hardware sometimes
my projects can mostly be found at

music at

i also run a furry & queer discord and minecraft servers (it's public but i screen new users)

if you've read this far you're legally required to pet me

Patreon users, make sure your settings are still what you want them to be. I found out this morning that one of my settings had changed without my knowledge or consent, and in a way that has the potential to be really harmful, so please double-check yours.

_(:3 γ€βˆ  )_
maple take nap on your timeline
pls don't scroll too fast to not make disturb

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tongue in cheek instance meta Show more

shout out to @timecowboy for making my current favourite t-shirt (selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok: )

there's also something else i need to fix in that i need to make bbcode generate the same css classes as monsterpit markdown so other instances get to see our text formatting as well... certainly not hard, i just haven't had the spoons

wish i weren't working on this fork on my own (i get occasional help from other people when i need questions answered but I'm the only one contributing to it)

if i implement markdown parsing in computer fairies i am only using _this_ for italics not *this* bc that would disrupt rping

don't let that suave secretarybird exterior fool you she's a complete nerd because she laughs at my dumbass jokes

i wanna get a small portable boombox and turn it into a bluetooth/internet radio deal

i wonder why our uptime rating went down from 99.6% to 99.5% when we didn't go down at any point since the first check

and during the second check it said we were down, too? :/ odd

wonder what our actual uptime is

i love writing issues in friends' git repos bc i don't have to be formal abt them just "yo shits broken" with a decent enough description of the problem

@LaserScheme ngl you just made sleeping sound about ten times more enticing

i just started listing off the individual names of some 30 or so qr code reader apps in google play to @LaserScheme and it drove her nuts

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