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hi!! my name is maple syrup and im a robot squirrel bunny girl who's the owner of and the official mascot of mastodon

i make music, software and hardware sometimes
my projects can mostly be found at

music at

i also run a furry & queer discord and minecraft servers (it's public but i screen new users)

if you've read this far you're legally required to pet me

@ unicode consortium wheres the 2 witches holding hands emoji cowards

your timeline is now full of two gay girls shipping their gay thinkpad tablet girls together i hope you enjoy it

they're thinkpad tablets and their screens are flipped around so they can nuzzle against each other and kiss,

tabby is the older lesbian and they make a cute couple

my laptop tabby and shannon's laptop thinky are dating now

i will stan neelix i don't care what you think

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