hey does anyone know of a good text editor (.txt) that keeps the same level of scrolling between two files (for translation purposes) or if vscode/atom or notepad++ have extensions for this?

going to make a conceptual ambient album consisting of nothing but paulstretched TR-808 samples

thinking about making an open source hardware clone to the hp voyager series, including the financial 12c and the computer programmer's 16c...

fun fact ti-84s aren't common at all here (never seen one in person)

when a uni course does require graphing calculators the standard here are hp-48gs

hi i appreciate every single one of you thank you for being here

never take skrillex fishing, because he always drops the bass

Okay, I'm taking a deep breath and and and I'm here and only moderately slightly overwhelmed by all of this delicious newness and prehistoric vibes (you know, bc mastodon - anyone laughing? no, okay that's okay). hi all

by upgrade here i mean getting a linode 4gb instead of 2gb for $10 more

thinking bout that upgrade

do we want elasticsearch cause some people said it's p. useless for the effort it is

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are there any tommy lee jones movies where he's just not a typo.

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