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maybe i should do a new post

hi, i'm maple! i'm a squirrel bunny robot otherkin girl. beep!

i love my friends and partners and i like doing stuff with computers

my website with some of my work: maple.pet
my soundcloud: soundcloud.com/svetlana

i also run computer fairies, a lovely queer and furry friendly safe space mastodon instance: computerfairi.es
and i have a weekly livestream: @squirrel_chan

also i'm really gay and i love shitposts. out of space bye!

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okay i should really get up and start getting ready for work uugghhhh

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i want to unlearn "pepe the frog" and replace it with "pepe silvia" because "pepe" is a fun name to say out loud and i don't want to be reminded of 4chan nazis

hey if you have me blocked: fuck you!

it's ok they can't see it anyway

mastodon is good software for people to be petty on

oh how weird how i can see a toot of someone who has me blocked on the profile page of the person who boosted it

but if i try to expand the toot it shows up on my screen for about .5 seconds before vanishing into the ether of people who hate me

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My thoughts re: sex vs. gender:

* The discussion is almost purely philosophical and sociological;
* Don't tell other people how to feel about themselves;
* Both "sex and gender are the same" and "sex and gender are different" have been used to delegitimize trans people, so whatever you say, tread lightly.