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hi!! my name is maple syrup and im a robot squirrel bunny girl who's the owner of and the official mascot of mastodon

i make music, software and hardware sometimes
my projects can mostly be found at

music at

i also run a furry & queer discord and minecraft servers (it's public but i screen new users)

if you've read this far you're legally required to pet me

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as much as id love for my follower count to grow i will not accept requests from people who i don't know and haven't talked to me

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hard rule: if you don't interact with me or message me before requesting to follow me i will not accept your request

if you follow req without doing that i'll know you haven't read this or even my bio

a conversation can be just a series of emojis

bunnies are good because when they are happy and/or relaxed, they just fall over

i really think that any instance where a user can't strike up a conversation with the admin is way too big

Cassandra is rocketing around the apartment help

if you're after a decent 1080p GPU at the moment, amazon are currently selling the 8GB RX580 for under £200, which is a steal quite frankly

i wonder if ANY of this was licensed in any way

apparently the starpath supercharger was sold in brazil, but instead of using the original starpath games they somehow released cheaper copies of cartridge games on it...

you know one thing that bugs me?

activision started from atari employees who wanted recognition
garry kitchen hired a composer to make the jingle to pressure cooker
he didn't credit the composer

*gesticulates wildly*

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