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hi!! my name is maple syrup and im a robot squirrel bunny girl who's the owner of and the official mascot of mastodon

i make music, software and hardware sometimes
my projects can mostly be found at

music at

i also run a furry & queer discord and minecraft servers (it's public but i screen new users)

if you've read this far you're legally required to pet me

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#VulpineClub moderation update: we no longer federate with or The former’s CoC bans “homosexual conduct (figuratively and literally),” i.e. about 80% of all v.c activity. The latter’s admin is mass-following people without regard to #nobot, and our CoC does state that “Follow bots will be blocked on sight.”

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks (cc: @tastymochafox )

i love all of my friends and i want to hug those who like hugs

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people who boost random posts (especially replies) of mine are sketchy

yes it's possible for me to look into DMs exchanged by people in my mastodon instance

no i cannot be arsed to

decorating my condo further in tower unite

there's an ethernet cable running across my room connecting a wifi-less device to my router

so, you know, it's a day ending in y

did you know: its ok to not like someone and not want to interact with them or see their posts for non political reasons, its actually fine, you can just do that

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