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@hal i don't use ftp but i think winscp (which i use for ssh/scp) does ftp as well

@hal ftp is an old standard, there are a lot of other clients you can look for

@maple I gotta manage my website somehow though :(

@maple @hal adding onto this, if you were using FileZilla, it's highly suggested that you should be using it for SFTP instead of regular old FTP, which is a lot more secure

in general, any tool you use should be using scp, sftp, or rsync under the hood, and not regular old ftp

@maple @hal also clarifying the huge ambiguity here, I mean that SFTP is more secure than FTP. the S stands for secure. :p

@maple Thanks for that. I'll be uninstalling it immediately.

@maple got any good suggestions for alternatives? Definitely uninstalling filezilla now.

@Felthry winscp and moving off ftp to sftp or better yet ssh

@maple We use ftp for transferring files to our softmodded ps vita, and it's the only method supported

@Felthry winscp does ftp iirc, the rest were additional suggestions.

@maple and yeah I know ftp is pretty outdated and insecure, that's just what this supports

@Felthry @maple heads up: cyberduck is cross-platform, libre, and does basically All The Things too (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure & OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) so you can't go wrong with it :3

@maple on this week's episode of "filezilla devs bundle malware with their app and dance around purposely hiding the clean download because they get paid two cents per install"...

@maple so the developer has created a bundle with #filezilla and at least one app that is considered a malware, am I right?

@maple looks legitimately like a problem to me.