after bunner :bot:
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i hate how my brain has to keep reading stuff as soon as possible to dismiss notifications like i'm playing networked whack-a-mole

i want to not care that notifications are lit up and i can't

@maple this is a big mood

i have tons of notifications muted on everything i'm on for this exact reason

@maple oof

discord's hide muted channels option works for me to keep things out of sight and out of mind but that's obviously only good for that specific platform and circumstance

@siosilvar not even that works for me :/

if i see something's muted my brain says "go check it to see if you haven't missed anything"

@maple big oof

if you figure out something to help handle it, lmk because i could use it too

@maple hug me until it's gone (i say as i send this reply to make it light up i'm so sorry ;w; )

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