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A list of bbcode supported in Computer Fairies:

spin - text spin (please CW if using!)
pulse - text gently pulses in opacity
large= - where # is 2 to 5, makes text bigger
size=# - where # is font size in pt
flip=# - where # is either vertical or horizontal, flips text
b - bold
i - italics
u - underline
s - strikethrough
color=# - where # is HTML color name
colorhex=# where # is hex color code
code - monospace codeblock
quote - blockquote

if you want to add bbcode support to your instance, cherry-pick the last 5 commits in this branch:

LB: this is awesome. I'd prefer Markdown to bbcode, but any way of getting basic text formatting in toots would be great.

@gcupc Pleroma has markdown support, and because its ‘rendered’ server side into html, it gets seen on Mastodon as proper rich text.

@dgold Nice. I tried to add markdown to the client (brutaldon), but Mastodon munges your text too much building its html for that to be practical.

i forgot to add the url tag to this, you just use

url=# where # is the url and whatever is inside the tags is the label

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