Picard might be more inclined towards a "but I certainly welcome you to a healthy debate on why" ^_^

@sydneyfalk of course he would, he knows he'll win the argument anyway


well yes he will in THE FUTURE

but if he's sitting here in the present the context is different


(it's the sad truth more than a joke, he's still rather imperialistic IMO sometimes and thought "marketplace of ideas" was a thing and such)

@maple people complaining about STD being too SJW and I’m like, have you even seen Star Trek? It’s always been progressive (for the time)

@maple missed opportunity not going for "take, earl grey, hot"

@troubleMoney tea is sometimes used in the same way as "shade" so ;)

@maple Meme aside, I think this only applies to the right-wing fans that try to reject the socialist utopia that's obviously portrayed. Like, if they accept that's part of the lore, than there's no contradiction.

...though I assume this refers to the fans who try to bend over backwards to explain how Kirk would have listened to Rush Limbaugh.

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