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did you know about the venetian blinds demo?

activision was formed by ex-atari programmers who were unsatisfied with the company. they quickly started making games for the 2600 much better than atari was putting out. so atari sued claiming they had stolen programming knowledge such as the "venetian blinds" technique (second picture) for having previously worked there. david crane showed up to court with the demo and asked "oh you mean this?"

atari lost the lawsuit

what absolutely kills me is that activision included their logo in the corner of this demo just like they did in their retail games

a logo like that isn't exactly trivial to draw on the atari 2600

@maple you make a piece of software as a big fuck you to someone, you better go in hard

@maple stolen techniques? is thar even a valid thing to sue over? like, unless it was some confidential information...

@maple also, i think it's a bit funny that the venetian blinds joke demo doesn't seem to actually feature the venetian blinds technique (splitting sprites across even/odd lines)...

@devurandom i don't think it would've done well in court if it did

@maple @devurandom

fortunately, a lot of corporate lawyers (many of them Microsoft's!) have since educated judges on how all software belongs to them if they've ever seen it, written code like it, written code SORT of like it, or written code, uh, ever.

so those trials go way differently now! ^_^ O_O -_- ;_;

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