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what are your favourite robot movies? short circuit and bicentennial man are probably my picks

@maple can I count ghost in the Shell (the anime not the American POS)

@venatus i have an irrational aversion to anime but maybe one day i'll have seen that

@maple I still contend bumblebee was the best movie to come out last year

@maple it's the best 80's adventure movie made in the past 10 years


Ex Machina is the biggest one I can think of at the moment

@maple i havent seen chappie but chappie is a perfect child so i bet the movie is at least ok??

@maple I seem to like A.I. a lot more than most people do.

@maple Robot Carnival is really neat (anthology animation) but kinda spoopy.

@maple Oh, and A Mouse and His Child!!! If they count... they are wind up toys.

@rainwarrior i found it a bit creepy but it's an interesting movie

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