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oh... right.... there was a new robocop wasn't there

@maple It's ...not good, no. I don't think the screenwriters and director really *got* the original?

@noelle @maple

The screenwriter and director are directly comparable to the original's villain and the original's bad guy next-in-command as far as their grasp of irony and meaning, truly.

@noelle @maple It's so bad they decided to do a Halloween, pretend it never happened, and make a proper sequel to the original series of movies afterward.

@maple @noelle You know how Halloween 2018 was written to disregard the original's sequels and the Rob Zombie reboot? :blobnervous:

@maple @noelle Well, Halloween 2018 was written to completely disregard all of the original's sequels and the Rob Zombie reboot, and it kind of started a new Hollywood fad because RoboCop Returns is coming in 2020 to do similar aaaaaaaaaaand there's a Terminator sequel on the way that pretty much disregards every sequel after T2. :blobnervous:

@Jo @noelle i didn't know halloween had sequels or a reboot or who rob zombie is

@maple @noelle He was the frontman of metal band White Zombie, who later became a filmmaker. :blobsmilesweat:

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