field testing the new thinkpad battery on my first day back in uni, sketched this in krita

it's holding up well

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a few more (CW for possibly uncanny valley and silly text content about fictitious people)

my polycule and i are having fun creating backstories for (CW for possibly uncanny valley and silly text content about fictitious people)

ah i took a better one (SL screenshot of my avi in bikini)

summer squobit (SL screenshot of my avi in bikini)

Lesbiaboard is back online!

Lesbiaboard is a web 1.0-inspired forum based on forked ABXD3.0 software aimed at transbians, lesbians, lgbt and likeminded people! Come say hi!

RT :

AMAZING bit of Amiga OS trivia that should not only be saved, but shared as much as possible.

final result, had to make new "rubber" (hot glue) feet so it wouldn't rest on the case because of the bulges in the battery, plus fix the latch hole with a soldering iron to melt the plastic a little. terrible build quality aside i think this battery was meant for the x60t, not the x61t, and that's why it fits so poorly and would make the laptop wobble. also no more using the dock as long as i have this battery anymore :(

an already chonky girl gets even chonkier with a new extended battery

did a little bit more work on the devo covers EP i want to release this year

bonus points if you can guess which song this is, though i won't confirm it so it's not spoiled

the furry corner discord now also has a starbound server along with our minecraft server!

we are currently using the bunnykin race mod and also frackin' universe mod, which allows you to build your own custom ship! such as my cobblestone monstrosity in progress here

i love this spreadsheet it formats the toot for me and i just plop it into mastodon every day. that part could use automation but i'm lazy

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