so this is all that qemu for windows apparently installs in the "program group" (does anyone else even still call it that past windows 95?)

haha fuck off where's the executable

we have fun here over at the furry corner dot discord dot com

outfit of the day, as captured by the (CW selfie, an attempt at eye contact)

some electronic tat including knockoff handhelds and flip phones

what is this? a debug port? found it by accident while changing the cr2025 backup battery

sunny overcast

really like the effect this lens gives to direct sun exposure

a bunny maid as requested by @evie for her monthly patreon pixel tiny perk!

if you want to get one of these every month too check out

and if you want a one time commission i have slots open

found this picture of a dog on an old half-corrupt imation superdisk floppy

still trying to copy the rest of the files

"mom what are you doing with that camera

mom stop you're embarrassing me


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