ported a classic from computercraft to opencomputers (it uses beep instead of cc's speaker)

we have so many animals roaming around in the furry corner discord minecraft server

building the new furry corner minecraft server's spawn building with @natalie and @LaserScheme and it's the gayest thing ever i love it

retrospring answers retrospring.net/maple_syrup

thank you all for keeping me occupied with these. i've been in a real bad mh hole due to politics lately and it'll only get worse from here

brpol, nazism Show more

a couple of selfies cause i could use the positive attention rn

pleroma doesn't have the doodle feature that computer fairies has

neg thoughts about money, availability, the ephemerality of experiences and High Fidelity (the vr space thing)

today's music player, after repairing the little nuisances with it last night

lazy and late but at least i look cute (CW selfie)

πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” why's there spots if those svgs exist

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