i guess not so temporarily anymore but i've moved over to @mavica in case you missed it

i guess not so temporarily anymore but i've moved over to @mavica in case you missed it

this is a problem that has been going for _months_ and i have not been able to reach glitch.social's nightpool to get it resolved since

our DNS has not changed recently other than adding IPv6 to _try to resolve_ this issue already (it evidently hasn't)

PLEASE help.

can't follow anyone on:
- glitch.social
- anarchism.space
- chomp.life
and likely our messages aren't getting there right either

sundog from toot-lab solved this by purging the dns in his server which fixed resolving computerfairi.es

please help.

yet another 2.9.2+glitch instance that times out trying to talk to us

can someone _please_ help me

as in, i like being called mavica

but the burden of change is still giving me uncertainty about it

changing names everywhere is hard and it's the one thing still tying me to saying i "temporarily" moved here from @maple

@anatol_at @tom @Linda that's valid! i was personally disappointed, it's all just about knowing what to expect

@anatol_at @tom @Linda i'm glad you're enjoying it! i'm sorry i couldn't personally comment on TOS, i should probably try it some day

the TOS movies are good though, definitely recommend those

pass on the TNG movies imo

seemingly random users in my instance are getting error 503 remote data could not be fetched when trying to follow seemingly random remote accounts, i can't find any issue on my end by any means i know

help please?

hey we still have these cool computer pins for sale

they are US$8 per each pin plus US$5 for shipping anywhere in the world (untracked from UK, ask if you need tracking)

very small manual operation here selling these so no easy checkout page sorry, dm me for paypal info and we'll sort out your order

a jack-o-lantern pumpkin for @allie's monthly patreon reward!

if you want a reward like this check out my patreon: patreon.com/maple_syrup

and if you want a one-time commission, i have slots open! trello.com/b/NPF8WvPG/maples-c

a reminder to everyone following me that i'm temporarily moved to @mavica

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