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@revenant feeling kinda blrg, at uni wishing i could be back in bed too

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maplebots hunting ghost crabs skitter across the Galactic Alliance, millions tried to mark it up here but I can't stop here! It's hot singles country!

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i need to get up but I'm so tired and unmotivated...

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Hey hecking gimme pets and call me a good bun pls?

i didn't fave @LaserScheme's post but she went and did it anyway

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@troubleMoney it touches on some deep stuff but it's very enthralling

most of the creepiness is in the lore, with the exception of like maybe ep 16 there arent really super scary things in the footage? it's mostly just very dark (and there are often images hiding in nearly-black frames that people in the community brighten up and there's a whole Google docs with everything we know so far and theories)

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