@azushark i had to enable that setting even on a P100 with 40MB RAM

you know what i would love? web radio mod for Minecraft. i could tune into a radio and it comes out in spatial audio like the Jukebox

@maple @natalie i may have gone a bit wild with the area outside the front of the spawn

building the new furry corner minecraft server's spawn building with @natalie and @LaserScheme and it's the gayest thing ever i love it

@natalie oh. then i stumbled into the solution by accident i guess

it feels very wrong to do what i'm doing

@natalie im just guessing though that having the same cert for two nginxes in different locations is not the correct way to use ssl

i still don't know how to use ssl

@natalie whenever the cert for cloud.maple.pet in univac expires everything breaks until i manually log into computer fairies linode to rsync its updated certs to univac

@natalie i don't even have shell scripts i just have a rsync line in fish history

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