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i forgot to update my ko-fi months ago to reflect i haven't been unemployed for a long time now and i feel bad about it now >.<

heard the words 'duck science' on a tv ad last night and i don't know what that means but sign me up

every post i make is roboposting because im a robot

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retrospring answers

thank you all for keeping me occupied with these. i've been in a real bad mh hole due to politics lately and it'll only get worse from here

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today is a bad day

the next 20 days will all be bad days

@Flopeared please don't favourite my neg toots. it says so in my bio

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there are a few unanswered questions in my retrospring that i dont know how to answer so if you don't see yours answered know that i do appreciate you sending it in either way

with that said,

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