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why are MSX2 computers so elusive

MSX to MSX2 conversion kits doubly so

hi everybody!! i am a tumblr refugee and i'm really excited to be here! i never really talked to people on tumblr but i'd like to change that with this profile. this is my fursona (as of right now)! i like drawing, anime, cooking, and being queer. :annoyingdog:

No lie I got a bit emotional looking at Carol Shaw's handwritten notes

If you're not familiar she is one of the most important figures in gaming history
#gaming #programming

Did you know? is the only fediverse instance run by a robot!

#introductions :blobcatpeek:

hi i'm natalie and i do things on and off the computer

- frantic sysadmin
- believes obsolete tech is Good, Actually
- has opinions on games but doesn't play any
- lover of girls
- has a crush on half the fediverse
- does vaporwave and video glitch stuff sometimes
- meows a lot
- allegedly cute

i also do some embedded hardware and software dev, this should give you a good idea of what i'm into

:heart_lesbian: :heart_moon_lesb: :heart_lesbian:

follows and boosts are very appreciated :boost_ok:


Eye contact makes some us uncomfortable.
Especially people with autism, PTSD or social anxiety, for example.

ugh i forgot my wireless mouse in the classroom and now i have to wait until next week so i can go get it with the teacher

my name is maple syrup and i still use print as debug statements

seriously tho pronouns.. always check.. apologize profusely if you fuck up.. put your own in your bio.. it matters

My name is lila and I'm a lesbian cat and i love girls and video games! (i also go by nova or esther, but i dont have any preference, go with what you think its cutest!) :toriel: :paw_fx90_v: i stopped going on tumblr for a while and i figure now is as good a time as any to try out mastodon!! 😻 :paw_fx90_ok_hand: i love smash bros a lot and smash ultimate is already my favorite video game,

Wow. I have finally developed a Turing-complete gender

hi welcome all newcomers to !

my name is maple syrup and i run things around here

please don't forget to read our code of conduct at and please do let me know if you need anything!

seem to be all the rage today given the influx of new folks, so... I might as well join in, I guess

Hi, I'm Chel. I'm just a relatively boring goofball trans bunny that spends entirely too much time small talking with random folks I see on the federated timeline. :paw_fx90_wave:

I have a wall of text about myself over here, in the supremely unlikely case that anyone cares to read:

hi!! my name is maple syrup and im a robot squirrel bunny girl who's the owner of and the official mascot of mastodon

i make music, software and hardware sometimes
my projects can mostly be found at

music at

i also run a furry & queer discord and minecraft servers (it's public but i screen new users)

if you've read this far you're legally required to pet me

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