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reminder that if you like computer fairies or just wanna hang out with the same circles in a more dynamic environment we have a discord server called furry corner

by now it really just is the computer fairies discord server and i should've called it that

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channers just wear me down so much i wish i could just abstain from all of this

refreshing to see instance block recommendations and it's an instance we already suspended months ago... We Been Knew

i don't think i thank the patrons who help keep computer fairies running enough

i've been thinking about offering unfinished songs as patron rewards or something, i don't know, what do you think?

"If I call myself queer and you flinch, I will try to respect that, but you don't get to tell me to stop.

Everybody who came out before you has taken the rocks and bottles and made them into shields and wind chimes.

If I am unashamed of being queer, you do not get to give that word BACK to the fuckwits who made it a slur."

A Twitter thread on the word "queer".

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the beginnings of the pixel art museum -- pardon the bull

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all the new comments on frankie goes to hollywood's relax are about fuckin black mirror

if you haven't listened to 『exodus』 by @transbian alliance yet you should

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