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im obsessed with this phone and how advanced it looks for its time (1999) while still looking dated

some time later i realize this is completely useless to me and go back to minidom + xpath

and i'm finally done with that script

NOW i need something to stitch 56 playing-card-type SVGs into A4 sheets...

why is working with XML DOM in python so badly documented or am i just too stupid to read the official python docs

i have a template svg and i need to generate about 56 svgs from a json input and my best bet for doing this right now is making python edit the svg xml directly because i can't find a package that does just what i want

there's a whole package called svgutils and

all it does is "helps to edit and concatenate SVG files"

and it very deliberately states "It is especially directed at scientists preparing final figures for submission to journal. So far it supports arbitrary placement and scaling of svg figures and adding markers, such as labels."

it's a tool for making graphs for papers. that's all. hardly general utils for svg

why are all svg python libs so... single-purpose and bad

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