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is there a way to check what linux does when i press the screen brightness up button? because i suspect it might be running two concurring commands which is making my backlight wacky

a particularly nice tartan pattern my program generated today

Hi, I'm Himiko. I'm interested in , tweaking (currently running ) and some (Yotsuba and One Punch Man). I'm a and will block all racist or discriminatory people. I have , Polycystic ovarian syndrome, and Elhers-Danlos syndrome. I do not tolerate unkindness! I may mute people if they prove harmful for my current state. Please check my spoon levels on my profile before sending any long messages or replies. :blobwoah:

linux fans have about as much sense of humor as linux has support for my laptop hibernating

my favorite web development platforms

html 5, css 3 and js j

so what makes linux not obey the system font set in MATE for their GUI? thunderbird and kdenlive are two programs i can think of off the top of my head that do this

oh you know what id wear as a shirt print? Atari 2600 labels

Taking a bust commission to pay for my medication👌
Color pencil, $35

DM if interested
(I draw furries, too)

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