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still bitter at hat in time having a racist person in it Show more

Consider: You can just make up a gender. Really! There’s no test!

brad (about tony hawk's pro skater 2x) "'not a graphical showpiece for the xbox' says this review"
jeff: "is that reviewer me?"
brad: "yes"

jeff: "how's that hot glue?"
brad: "how's that hot glue?"
ben: "it's hot"
brad: "oh man"

brad: "what's a skater doing wearing glasses?"
jeff: "i mean you gotta be able to see"
brad: "oh. okay"

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i love the smell of hair dye and my hair smells so good to me right now

sadly it's too short to shove a lock in my face and sniff it

im gonna be like 50 and ill either still constantly have dyed hair or if i have no hair left to dye I'll have a selection of brightly coloured wigs for daily rotation just you watch me

i think next time i wanna dye my hair turquoise blue and after that the same shade pink my girlfriend dyed hers because it's so good

if i ever refer to my paws as hands please correct me

hmm i went to brush my hair this morning and a lot of purple came out on my paws :/ (hair didn't visibly change any but it's making me anxious that this colour won't last long)

Of course you should hire a squirrel for a software engineering position. They're experts in tree-traversal and caching, and they're very well acquainted with kernels.

epson salts for when you need that relaxing cmyk feel

what absolutely kills me is that activision included their logo in the corner of this demo just like they did in their retail games

a logo like that isn't exactly trivial to draw on the atari 2600

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