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if im following you here please check follower requests if your account is locked

hi im gonna be on @mavica for a while i think

dunno how much and how long

wanna try out a thing

me in 2014 using linux seriously for the first time and not just messing with it: wow the command line is great

me in 2019 after countless hours spent administrating remote servers and services through ssh: please let me use a mouse

seriously i get that qemu is A Linux Thing and Linux Things Only Work In The Command Line but

fuck off it's 2019

so this is all that qemu for windows apparently installs in the "program group" (does anyone else even still call it that past windows 95?)

haha fuck off where's the executable

we have fun here over at the furry corner dot discord dot com

i know this is such a 2014 take, but, i still stand by it

vivian james deserves better than gamergate and should be reclaimed away from channer hands

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