@mavica I love you so much, mavi, and even though I know this is a sad picture it's also lovely.

@noelle @mavica *nods*

the emotion is clear in the body language, the color palette is expressive and subtle, and just ... it's very well drawn

and I'm sorry it's a feeling you had to deal with

@mavica I know this is a sad picture, but it's some absolutely beautiful pixel art, and you used a limited color palette to excellent effect

@mavica do you want people to boost this? "no" is fine and "yes" is also fine, it's a real question

"shut down" image description Show more

@packbat don't have anything to talk about that's not already in the drawing

@mavica ok

do you want to talk about it anyway? "no" is fine, genuine question

@mavica idk

writing down or talking out feelings can help sometimes? and you drew them, in art, and that can help too, but if writing would still help then you can

@packbat im lonely and tired of being abandoned and hated by everybody and everything hurts and i don't know what to do

@mavica do you want people to try to suggest things to do?

you're not abandoned or hated, but that doesn't make feeling that way wrong, and the feeling is distressing - and hurting is distressing, too

@packbat im abandoned and hated

maybe not by you maybe not by anyone in the computer fairies discord

but it's still loud and clear when people want me to fuck off and die

@mavica I don't know what you've been hearing

I know the Internet can be callous and uncaring, and the lack of body language and the way there's so much delay between saying anything and getting any response can make it feel even more hostile

but I also know you've had to learn to see hostile coming from a long way off, and I don't know your experience

do you want people to try to suggest things to do? the way the internet gives so little feedback gets worse if all you're doing is waiting for a response

@packbat maybe

i don't know

i can't bring myself to doing anything i'm told to

@packbat i also know for a fact a lot of high-profile people on mastodon have me blocked

and they renewed those blocks when i switched to this account

so i know i'm hated

@mavica seeing that someone has you blocked sucks - I'm sorry

...I'm realizing that I don't know what to suggest to do

the thing I always think of is self-care: eating something if you haven't in the past few hours, drinking liquids, taking ibuprofen or whatever if you're in physical pain

idk how to suggest ... idk, activities

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