my big aliexpress direct order from a few months ago finally arrived and it's like christmas!

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the pocketchip is instantly cuter and 100% more usable with the addition of some rubber feet on the key pads

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@mavica That makes me think of the candy buttons that are little blops like that you peel off a piece of parchment and eat.

@mavica @cantinto Nice. What are you using it for? I have one which I occasionally use as a wireless Linux terminal console but since the company making them folded I have been less keen to rely on it for anything important.

@lightclaws @cantinto mine sits as a permanent desk fixture running Processing sketches as a pseudo-screensaver eyecatcher demoscreen, which are controlled, compiled and stored in my home server and loaded via NFS. everything that i can put on NFS and TMPFS from the chip i do, to slow down eMMC wear

@mavica @cantinto Hmm, neat. What other sorts of services are you running on your server? I have a Linux server system myself and am always looking for new ideas on what I could do with it beyond ZFS backups and NFS file access.

@mavica oh i almost entirely forgot the pocketchip was a thing! how is it?

@xnx38h it's a neat little thing but it's almost entirely doomed by lack of official support after the company folded, followed by imminent eMMC failure (i'm trying to slow mine down using tmpfs and nfs wherever i can)

@xnx38h they fatally undersold the computer at only $9 and sunk in irreversible debt then filed for bankruptcy with thousands of paid-for units unshipped and liquidated

@xnx38h tl;dr don't let graphic designers manage a company

they built a beautiful product, but they couldn't run a business

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