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"I'm too Black for this shit and I can't deal today"

Is the theme for me today.

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say hello to the "Foxie Game Jam"

if you have any questions/suggestions or need a clarification on anything please let me know~ :3

There is another hole in the bottom of my socks and I wanna fight 😠

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Foxie Game Jam

starts in 4 hours

Holy Hell

SignUp to make FOX. GAMES.

Oh My Gawd Baby Yaks Are The Fluffiest

people are like planets

if you don't respect their boundaries then you wind up on a sub-orbital crash course and probably burn up in the atmosphere

Finally going to feel good going out for a few days and not feel like I wanna roll over and puke =u=

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otherkins welcome in computer fairies

the admin is otherkin

hey y'all, here's a big reminder that neopronouns, otherkin, and non-dysphoric trans/enby folks are all valid as heck

i love and support and appreciate y'all, for real :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :blobcatheart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:

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Scenes from "Enclosure", performance art, in which Philippines born artist Bea Camacho crocheted a cocoon for herself in 11 hours without interruption #womensart


remember when there were no girls on the internet lol

People who are questioning their gender identity are valid!

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