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Here's the food I'm talking about that i made in 2021, guess which part was expired!
I'll probably be pinning this to my profile...sorry... I'm a good chef

"you've probably never experienced the pain of a nintendodog running away" Yeah because i know how to take care of my fucking digital dogs. Really easy. If you've ever had nintendodogs run away you are literally a walking skill issue

anyone else got a furry radar? Convinced the guy that cooked my food is a furry...

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, what are you? A loser? Get your own fucken happiness.

i cant view notifs and my browser crashed when i go on federated lol i just want my laptop back ...i miss steam

I don't get why it's so hard to get off meds, I say over and over that I'm not taking them because they fuck up my brain and I'm still prescribed them 😐 Waste of (the most hated) antidepressants

I'm sorry I'm going to say it. Season 1-3 of waterloo road is better than the whole of Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. HOWEVER. Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps never went downhill.

mastodon really isnt working on my phone, can't view notifs and its being all glitchy what do i do about this again

I genuinely go to the shop whenever I'm out, buy a cucumber and walk around the street chomping it. Not a problem. I think.

anyone with over 4 kids should be put very high up on the terrorist watchlist

im on mobile rn sorry guys cant post from laptop it got taken long story


fully had to call them and b like "hai can i install this game plss :3 "

computer won't run fps game :( bank also cancelled my card cant buy jelly car game.... i need to get a steam gift card. If i cant buy jelly car worlds then there is no point in living

bluetac hack: give it to me and i will chew it in my mouth until it is no longer blue and turning to paste

went to sleep at 5am which is earlier than usual, got a few cans of redbull and have my DS and laptop on charge, going to be a gooood day, might check out a neat game i found on steam

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