it's fun playing a game everyone else played eight years ago and suddenly you get all the references people made in the unthinkably distant past

good morning! I woke up at 6, which means I have more energy than if I wake up at 7:30... that makes sense

I have a nighttime event I'm going to for work that requires me to talk to people, my energy level has been low all day-- what's the best thing to do when I get home? Burn off all my remaining energy by exercising, right?

Nicole you are a fool

the 6502 was famously *almost* pin-compatible with the 6800 and the Apple I user manual includes instructions for using a 6800 as the CPU

(presumably you were supposed to roll your own 6800 monitor ROM since i don't think Apple ever released one)

Friend is trying to convince me to try overwatch-- I've always said I don't like FPS-type games, but it has been like twenty years since I played Doom and didn't like it so maybe the genre is worth another try?

Here are some quotes from this 1995 internet-themed Law and Order episode:

"This e-mail, whatever the hell it is, it's got to have a return address, right?"

"l put an ad for my shop on the net. Next thing, l had my own BBS.."

"He says we're cyberspace morons."

''lf cops want to play with computers, they'd better just stick with Ms. Pacman."

"Could you show me the courses in writing for computer bulletin boards?"

"Me? l used a computer once, lost 27 straight games of solitaire."

15:23 <@Nicolyn> nintendo should make a brain age game centering around hacking skills
15:23 <@Nicolyn> and then c&d anyone who buys it

commit message of the day: "Turn into skeleton"

update: i'm sick now, not just sleepy, so i went home from work early

but the meeting wasn't bad

Good morning I’m sleepy and would stay home but I got a last minute meeting added to my calendar :/

Had a dream where I was getting married. No idea who to, it was a "destination wedding" in New Jersey, and I forgot to get a wedding dress so I was trying to find something nice in a 24-hour CVS at 11pm the night before

We've replaced Nicole's emotional stability with Math.random. Let's see if she notices!

Me: "Time to eat this delicious cookie, let me just put it on the desk for a second and--"

Dexter: *hurls it across the room onto the floor, where it shatters* I have eliminated the intruder; praise me, human

*me a trans lesbian*
in order to get the girl.....
I must BECOME the girl....

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