oh god I just randomly though of the awful DOS Mega Man game.....

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There are very many ways to be a girl.

If you are a girl, then your way is one of them!

Bleh I should work on my web forum, but I'm too lazy

Ok, I finally figured out how to make Windows 9x compatible partitions with gparted. Apparently all you have to do is set the 'lba' flag on the partition...

I think I'm making progress, I got it to start installing on the actual drive I want in on, so I don't have to worry about cloning partitions across hard drives.

Blah I've wasted hours trying to get Windows 2000 installed on my Pentium II

Ah, the classic "Keyboard error or no keyboard present. *Press F1 to continue*"

RIP New 2DS XL screen...

Time to shell out $50 for a new screen.

Meh, I still need to work on setting up a BBS

OS/2 is pretty neat, still need to get a capable web browser for it though..

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