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UjA5VFNDQkdVa2xEUzBWT0lFSlZUbE5SVWt3Swo= @shekkiesqueaks

i need videographnerd answers:

is there something unique about 24FPS that gives movies that cinematic effect, or is it because that's just what was used forever and it's just kinda like visual conditioning

@shekkiesqueaks from what I've heard, it's much moreso the visual conditioning thing, but some people have actual physical reactions. 60 and 48fps have been things in consumer cameras, and many people associate the framerate with home video. but I do remember some people feeling off after seeing the high framerate release of the Hobbit?

@Fidgetcetera yeah, it feels off to me as well. like tv show vs movie quality kinda thing

@shekkiesqueaks 24fps is kind of interesting, because it's in the "just barely fast enough to be perceived as smooth motion" range, much slower and you'd start to see the individual frames.

But at this framerate your brain is filling in & interpolating a lot of the motion, which means everything seems smooth & perfect.

With significantly higher framerates, you start to see the real details, and real life isn't smooth & perfect.