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UjA5VFNDQkdVa2xEUzBWT0lFSlZUbE5SVWt3Swo= @shekkiesqueaks

is it to be miffed about a site being HTTPS only at login/checkout instead of site-wide

@shekkiesqueaks this is kinda why i wanted to use caddy because it had this kinda shit built in but

i just can't get on with caddy

@shekkiesqueaks i'm just too used to apache

i think next time i do any personal stuff it'll be nginx or lighttpd because i love smol things and my bf has experience with the latter

@colon_three @shekkiesqueaks tbh caddy is smol and easy to configure, i use it instead of nginx nowadays

@shekkiesqueaks Seems like a security issue to me. For instance, someone hijacks your connection to the HTTP part, and replaces the "Checkout" link with an https:// link to a homographic domain name