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UjA5VFNDQkdVa2xEUzBWT0lFSlZUbE5SVWt3Swo= @shekkiesqueaks@computerfairi.es

@soft_chomps but i

well ok you're nyoom bazoop but im mostly spleeple keem

video games were invented in 1975 by video kojima when he tried to make a movie and accidentally added Buttons

@soft_chomps but u anime like lots !! i thought ?? or maybe that is the other soff shek

y'all gay either way so it ok

@soft_chomps i'd watch it with u

then u can see how much i don't know and i can be like oh my gosh it's like nyoom bazoop but also same???

@InspectorCaracal "inspectebooks" is a name so adorable only a frick of a qt could have possibly created it into existence oh my gosh