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UjA5VFNDQkdVa2xEUzBWT0lFSlZUbE5SVWt3Swo= @shekkiesqueaks@computerfairi.es

"California bans drones from delivering Marijuana"

what the fuck is 2017

beep beep, it's the squirrelbus

ready to take you to squirrel school

you find yourself in front of a shark tail plushie in the middle of an open shrimp field. the distant sounds of obnoxious squeaking is heard.


random thought:

how much more white themed stuff will happen in apple stuff before they just turn into a second sun and we all get irradiated and die

oh is something unnecessarily expensive happening today I just got home

tbh i sometimes just keep it open in another window so it doesn't do that and that falls into the category of

kink: browser reloading from 0 after switching to another app for less than 5 seconds

Tell someone you love that special phrase that makes all the people swoon:

"Performance enhancements and bug fixes"