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i feel like almost everything people need to know about me is summed up by the fact that one of my roommates, for my birthday, got me perfume that smells like vanilla, carrot cake, gasoline, and motor oil

and everybody i've been on a date with since then says it fits perfectly

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whomst else proud as fuck to be both trans and otherkin this lovely day hit that "love and support for both trans and otherkin people" button

if you dont have a buck seventy five to get on the train, you have way bigger problems than paying the fare and you should be left the fuck alone in my imo

The roses growing in my neighbor's garden are so gorgeous, I love seeing them on my way home.

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you're a kind person!! I said it.. people like you, take that!

idea: garter snake sized lamias

snek friends who can wrap themselves around your hand or arm

@maple @Nine redid the O because it was kinda janky

plus a transparent version!

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the computer fairies disaster recovery plan is to load all the backups onto @maple and run things from there until we get a new server

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