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my brain: chef boyardee rpg... chef boyarpeegee

me: alright you need sleep

(i think there are some key differences that will make it inspired by yet separate from eb but I'll cross those bridges when i get to them)

me: i'm so glad i'm typing all this down. i'd like to make this some day

my brain: ...this is earthbound

me: ...wh

my brain: an rpg about kids saving the world because only they can. that's earthbound babey.

me: see. in this one there's only three party members

almost 3am sunday morning babey... time to listen to Selected Ambient Works Vol II and try and put some of these game ideas into a file

what's a good program to like. just throw a bunch of ideas into and have them vaguely sorted

me: *is yawning every 10 seconds and checking the same 3 sites over and over*

me: i'm not tired or going to bed yet

also, while drawing this like 3 years ago, i realized that asgore sounds like h. jon benjamin but only in this flipped au timeline thing

one person asked in as many hours so here you go


remember that mechanical keyboard I got a year ago? i still have it and it still works. the "s" key is still weird and wonky

that's the 3rd key missing and the 2nd one thats on the main keyboard. its time to pony up $12 for a replacement

me when my adult cat was sleeping on my laptop: awww so cute

me now: where is the up arrow key you LITTLE BASTARD

anyone wanna see art i did in late 2015 of an undertale au where sans and papyrus are swapped with toriel and asgore

ie sans warns you of his brother, the king; and there's a new couple in snowdin of a lazy hoodie wearing goat and her puzzle loving husband

bunnies are good because when they are happy and/or relaxed, they just fall over

Imagine being a kid in the 80s and you finish watching a cartoon just for it to say "Die" in big lime green letters at the end

Watching a @softgoat Saint's Row stream and this happened. I've been taking screenshots. :3

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bunny fursonas: good
bunny fursonas with buck teeth: very good
bunny fursonas with buck teeth and big glasses: SUPREMELY good

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