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Heyo! If you following me on here from Tumblr, or just looking at the link I posted, remember that is only one site of many in the Mastodon fediverse. I'm on computerfairies bc it's cool and furry. I'd recommend it if that's what you like!

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i know the lipstick just looks red, but! actually it's the color of the trackpoint (i think. it's the color of the dot in the i in the ThinkPad logo)

i'm having a hard time finding a cool wallpaper for my laptop, so like. maybe i should make a wallpaper of Thinky's face

I wish I had my own room so I could lay in bed with my new laptabtoplet and watch vids and drink Woter

Today I realized that thingy underneath the screen is a fingerprint sensor. That's a really cool and neat thing I'll probably never use

damb. i wish i lived in a place like spongebob's pineapple...

- small on the outside, huge on the inside
- gigantic fucking slide to a huge study filled with books
- full of enzymes that eat flesh

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when my local pawn shop closed, i asked myself "where will i get a laptop from now, if not here?"

turns out the answer is "online, and higher quality for cheaper"

instance where the only emojis are the emoticons from yahoo instant messenger

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apparently wintab doesn't have pressure? hmm

well it works now

clip studio paint has no pressure sensitivity for some reason... odd

another bad homestar runner poast: do people from the UK call him "coach zed"

Calibrating the pen doesn't actually fix the off-centeredness... i try and click the crosshair but the little ripple isn't anywhere near it... it's alright, though, just gotta get used to it

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So where's the cheapest place I can get a SATA-to-USB cable quickly

*vinesauce vinny mario voice* i don't remembah MY sata-to-usb device needin' two usb cables!

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