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minecraft just has weird problems on both of my OSs

in windows javaw.exe doesn't exit and takes up 3GB of RAM until you kill it

in linux, sometimes i get weird screen artifacts and i can't skip songs in deadbeef without making the screen go black for a second (at least in xfce)

my internet's been acting up since the power went out earlier ;0;

idea i had: story/comic about a slacker NEET unicorn named "The Worst Unicorn"

how come i can mount stuff through thunar in xfce and it's like "cool, put in your password" but trying to do so in bspwm just makes it go "nah"

why the hecque is my java being all weird and not closing on minecraft exit

one of the things i miss about my asus laptop was that it ran cool no matter what

granted, it was also a bit weaker than this one but still

poly bridge makes my laptop run at like 78C

i don't even think minecraft makes it run that hot. is poly bridge severely unoptimized or wha

"Download was corrupted."

oah! ship

*king harkinian voice* i'm going to (re)download sony vegas

the log even shows something about shutting down and the little blurb about paulscode and then nothin

does anyone else have any weird problems with minecraft/multimc where the window closes on exit but javaw.exe doesn't stop

what would a dvorak keysmash look like

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i know it's my fault for ordering something on memorial day weekend but i think it's funny i ordered something on ebay with "wow! guaranteed 3 day shipping" and it'll be here on the 30th

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