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Heyo! If you following me on here from Tumblr, or just looking at the link I posted, remember that is only one site of many in the Mastodon fediverse. I'm on computerfairies bc it's cool and furry. I'd recommend it if that's what you like!

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anyone got any recommendations for good android games under $7?

oh neat, i don't need to download origin to get that free copy of sims 4. thank goodness, i don't think i have the space

draw your fursona in carson-dellosa style

what's going on guys, it's ya boy p-bat and today i'm gonna be playin' teh-rer-ia

(audino is like 3'7" so that's a lot of material and work)

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sitting with 3 other people at a fancy sitdown restaurant, in suits that cost several thousand dollars, discussing what's truly the scariest logo

what the heck, i'm randomly watching a vinesauce vinny video and he says something about having a flashlight that's the same brand as my new mouse

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sleepy goat
sleepy goat
soft & fluffy
like a stoat

β€” :blobgoat:

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Patreon users, make sure your settings are still what you want them to be. I found out this morning that one of my settings had changed without my knowledge or consent, and in a way that has the potential to be really harmful, so please double-check yours.

you know how Google gave me another survey that bumped me up to $5 of play credit? they gave me a $2 off coupon too

anyone got any suggestions for stuff? i never take my android anywhere bc it's not in service

was thinking about Minecraft but ehh i own that already

literally anything kinda neat: *happens*

the twitch streamer in my brain: Can I see some Pogchamps in the chat???

mods are asleep, post nice things about the mods for them to see when they wake up :3

that sketch makes mia look kinda like a 60s hanna barbera character

all she needs is a collar or something so it's cheaper to animate

i guess i... kinda managed to do it. πŸŽ‰

*picks a pokemon i don't know how to draw as my 3rd pokesona* good job me

can't tell if my stylus feels weird or if that's how it's *supposed* to feel...

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