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take me down to the cuppy dog city, where the pupys are dogs and the dogs are pupys

family guy logo but inside the little tv is the face from the end of the hallway from the album art of tangerine dream's "exit"

should i drive to walmart? i don't have much experience driving alone or on real roads, but the roads are empty since it's 4:30am on a school night

did you know: forza horizon 3 has a car from the year 2554 and a car from the year 723

i live... SO CLOSE to the store. so close but so far away

another night, another desire to drive to the store and pick up snacks

i think i've finally hit the point in this modpack where just existing in the world makes my laptop run hot

the people behind this 80s look, memphis design of italy, still exist apparently; and teamed up with adidas to make these sneakers a couple years ago, which are Looks. shame sneakers/high fashion are expensive

i don't mean to brag, i don't mean to boast; but online i make bad posts

have a picture i took of a fake car in forza

i've been up for too long because i'm laughing at a gif of video taken from a probe landing on an asteroid because it looks like i'm getting hit over the head with the intro to "space ghost coast to coast"

i talked with someone about this and apparently i shouldn't be too worried about it. but still...

and also ofc the money will still go to paying the bills even if it's just a scare tactic to get me to pay asap

i should look up what exactly that one dev did/does/is doing because i saw more gameply of it and i want to play it with a gamecube controller

i'm bored, and i've already played minecraft for 14 of the past 48 hours, so idk what to do

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