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Heyo! If you following me on here from Tumblr, or just looking at the link I posted, remember that is only one site of many in the Mastodon fediverse. I'm on computerfairies bc it's cool and furry. I'd recommend it if that's what you like!

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god my new room is more quiet than my older one and going onto windows makes my laptop sound like someone's rubbing balloons in it

hmm, i can't sign in on xbox. let's check their status on their site

*site 404's* ah,

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is the funky phantom the most 70s hanna barbera cartoon character

also you can totally break it without mods if that's your thing. enchant your boots to give yourself 1000 acrobatics and jump over the mountain, who's stopping you (other than not knowing about enchanting at first)

get morrowind for free if you can! i paid $5 for it and it's worth full price, honestly. still a really good, deep RPG

bethesda broke their computers so now you can download the good elder scrolls for free all this week

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is there any way to see a log from the times my laptop goes into kernel panic on wake

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Let my OCs Sammi and Mary perform "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate at your next gathering

sonikku to pinboru, sonikku to pinboru. hey you sonic, anata go make.

thanks spotify for letting me know that someone covered "what a fool believes" in 2000 with only toy instruments

wow this cover is pretty good. i kinda like this modern twee synth pop *looks the song up and it's from 2000* ah,

wow this song in my weekly spotify playlist is from skate 3 but i kinda like... forgot it was an actual song separate from skate 3

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