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friendly reminder unjammer lammy is trans and gay

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put a verified checkmark on my account bc i'm verified soft

a goat walked up to a lemonade stand
and she said to the man, running the stand
"baa" (bum bum bum)

my hoofhands are too big and sausage-esque for phone keyboards

the hood of this says "the absolute madman" btw

although now that i think about it, it should be British racing green for that bit more of extra britishness

apologies to all my british followers for this car livery i made in forza 7 (i didn't make the union jack)

i miss purpose built mp3 players

*stevie ray vaughan's "scuttle buttin" plays while a camera does extreme tilted close-ups of me on the computer from various angles*

can i make animutations in synfig

i should probably say that i just listen to all of my music in a big messy shuffle playlist

hey y'all, what's a good music playing app for android. my ipod classic is on the ropes and my old ipod touch has a big hole in the screen

suddenly i remember having a keyboard as a kid that played "don't go breakin my heart" as it's demo

i don't remember anything else about it. it wasn't really anything special, although i did like it

oh great now i'm just listening to rick astley

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