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imagine having a catgirl gf

imagine her trying to knock food out of your hands while you try to make it

imagine her looking out the window at some birds whispering to herself, "what the fuck. what the FUCK."

imagine her running around at like 3am for no reason

this toot was made because i was trying to get some leftover soup and our cats went buckwild trying to jump into my bowl

@softgoat Cassandra does not calm down for a split second while you clean her litter box, she keeps jumping around you and in the box

@softgoat you basically just described my irl partner.

Yes, @Scarly I’m calling you out.

@dr1ft literally every response from someone with a catgirl avatar has been "yeah, pretty much"

@softgoat I read this to my partner, they did give me credit for not knocking food out of their hands, but I do stand behind them and meow

I also have no idea how to operate the kitchen appliances here

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