@softgoat i am all for a version of shadow where he just lets loose and chills the hell out

@softgoat true,,,

reminds me of scratch in the aosth christmas special ,where he wears a cheerleaders outfit and consequently looks extremely fucking cute/hot

@BatElite I think he got affected by amnesia so he was more chill and less brooding, and Cream wanted to play with him so he was like "sure!"

@softgoat I can't believe that text had to be edited though.

@BatElite I just wanted to make it so Knux was referring to Shadow as a cutie pie.

Would you believe me if I said the original text said "terrorist"?

@softgoat No but also yes in that I heard the archie ones went fucking bonkers with their plot.
But I'm disappointed they didn't go with your option in the first place.

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