🚨 Update! 🚨 🏠 :blobgoatreach:

We’re at over $1000 raised for our goal of moving into a better place with more space and a functional washer and fridge, but we still need 500 more before the end of June so we can find a place and move to it before our lease ends in August!

we don't have a functioning air conditioner anymore and it's getting up to 90F these past couple of days and it's hell. any little bit helps!

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@softgoat i've survived 33ºC (90ºF) with just a floor fan, but it wasn't super fun, and the humidity was probably lower than where you're at.
@softgoat Norway largely gets by without A/C (in the home) but for a few weeks scattered across the summer months here in south Norway, you're just drenched in sweat and exhausted.
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