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Hi, I'm mukund, 30, nb trans femme, I live in london, I'm here to find memes, and maybe talk about nerdy thngs like . I'm indian-american. I'm broadly a leftie,, though i'm quickly intimidated by academic philosophical talk and prefer to read history. I love to draw with pen and brush, though recently I have been programming more than drawing. here is a small of my friend's kitten

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if you're cis and would like not to be, I Have Some Good News

Good afternoon, Mastodon. Here is a pixel art painting of a cute puppy.

I started doing pixel art because I thought it would be a quicker medium, just as you might think that drawing a cartoon figure is quicker than drawing in a "photorealistic" style.

Well, I was completely wrong. It's simpler - yes - but it's not quicker. If you ask me to draw a realistic eye, I can do that in 10 minutes. If you ask me to distill an eye into a 7x7 grid of pixels from a palette of 10 colors in a way that's harmonious with the rest of the piece, that's actually incredibly complex.

Le’Asha Julius as Wendy in “Nuncaland” from Random Acts of Flyness.

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god i wish programming communities had been like this when i started

Oh neat! It turns out ADS-B was used to identify a "drone" in Heathrow in January.

It's nice to see a thing you learn randomly show up in a different contexts.

(screencap from the CCC 2019 talk "The Great British Drone Panic" )

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I will be taking submissions over e-mail at first (I do not expect a lot to come quickly).

If you are a server owner, and you have:

1) A server policy against racism, sexism and transphobia

2) Daily database backups

3) At least one other person with emergency access to server infrastructure

4) Commit to giving users at least 3 months advance warning before closing down your server

E-mail with the subject "Server submission". I'll try to figure out the blurb/category

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i love the queer sex ed podcast and want to talk about it with everyone that is all

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Cursed garage sale! Boost and ill give you a cursed item!

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I'm at a FP conference, and just as the speaker put up this slide the entire hotel lost power.

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🎼 Clout Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M, it’s my bday, can I get some boosts y’all? 🎶

i’m so excited to see built to spill in a week. I hope they play “broken chairs”

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